About Us

RHM stands for  "Rahsia Hidup Mewah". RHM Global Sdn.Bhd is a company that runs DIRECT SELLING or Multi Level Marketing ( MLM ) registered with Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs ( KPDNDHEP ) since 2007 .


Since 1st April 2010 RHM Global is run by new management, Mr. Azizan bin Bukhari who is also one of the leaders of this company. He is the one who involve actively in marketing in peninsular Malaysia , Sabah, Sarawak, Labuan and Brunei Darussalam

After he officially took over the entire operation of the company, he realised that the first thing need to be done is to move the headquarters from Malacca to Cheras in Kuala Lumpur as the new headquarters. Mr.Azizan Bukhari has 17 years of experience as an entrepreneur in Sdn.Bhd company as a director and also the leader in MLM ( Direct Sales ) since 1996 in local and foreign companies. Due to that, eligible to attend seminars in Bangkok, Thailand, which was attended by the entire network in the Asian Pacific.



The following are the MESSAGES to all users, distributors and leaders of RHM Global .

It’s my pleasure to welcome you to RHM Global. As part of Network Marketing corporation in Malaysia, we based on the principles to enhance lives by helping and guiding people to tailor their everyday routines to suit a better, healthier and balanced lifestyle.

We (RHM Global) believe that to be successful in a long term in business, it has to create value for our distributors & customers which is a fundamental part of our business strategy.

We are now build the culture of ‘We Care, We Share, We Love” among distributors, staff and management through honesty, confidence and cooperation. We (RHM Global) are creating a "Win-Win" situation which cultivates our distributors to become a sparkling star in the international network marketing arena.

Let’s work together as a family to achieve the objectives by spreading our company philosophy to every corner of the world. We hope that there will be more people join us thus help others to create and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

RHM Global has taken a new step in promoting its brand since in 2007 as a whole since 1st April 2010. It has been three years RHM Global hit the market with the new management in April 2013.

For me, there is not so much different either being a leader or founder in building a network especially in the MLM business. From my past experiences as a leader, building an organization in 36 months (April 2013) is as well important as to the development to be the best.

For me, RHM Global is a company that is still considered new in MLM business. However within 36 months, it is great to know that the growth of the marketing company is increased in the states of Sabah and Brunei Darussalam.

RHM Global in August 2012 has taken new measures to open market in Philippines, especially for Bio factor 9 which are gaining demand from people besides Brunei Darussalam.

Therefore RHM Global or abbreviation of "Key of Luxury ", offering to all communities across Malaysia, Brunei Darussalam and in other countries with MLM is AN EXCELLENT JOB with the slogan "The first choice of Consumer and Business".

Because of RHM Global market products are high quality in accordance with the requirements and needs indirect beneficial to consumers, many users of these products are satisfied and continue using them. RHM GLOBAL believe each user indirectly will step into this business world as an entrepreneur MLM because of the adoption of the first products. They are concerned and ready to serve not because of the great business plan only.

Thus, RHM Global is willingly to give commitment and support by helping with various training enterprising entrepreneurs , best business strategy according to current trends in Online or Offline via a group headed by the founder as well since 2009, yet that is where the Classic Network Management this group acts as a Data Collector your Organization as a distributor , Online Banking transactions 24 hours , as well as providing the best business tools in a systematic, simple and most importantly practiced easily maintained MOTIVATION the course includes a variety SENSE OF PARTICIPANTS AND LEADERSHIP AS A SUCCESSFUL ENTREPRENEUR .

To anyone who is interested in becoming a business entrepreneur MLM either E - Stockist (District) or E - Trader ( Mobile) call us to balance the growing demand . We will help you as best as possible in order to realize your dreams. Pasti Hebat!