RHM Global stands of " Rahsia Hidup Mewah" with the slogan The first choice of Consumer and Business has helped thousands of people in the health benefit and as entrepreneurs. So We Post! We Show! And You Rate it! at our website, blog or facebook fan page

RHM Global was established in 2007, is one of the leading Network Marketing ( Multi Level Marketing ) corporation in Malaysia which offered a diverse range of innovative products . To compete in both local and international market RHM Global built on an integrated and advanced e-commerce system was founded by experience professionals from the Marketing industry with the vision of penetrating the global market through the adoption of the e-commerce strategy.

Accuracy with consumer preferences and business, RHM Global believes to market products based on customer needs means good for health as a health crisis, indirect business strategy will run concurrently. Riding the wave of its newest product line,  Bio Factor 9® use as adaptive addresses a specific need , such as anti-aging, antioxidant and more.

 OUR Vision

We aim to become the worldwide premier healthcare company and thereby bringing the greatest value and pride to our customers and business partners.

 OUR Mission

Making the Multi level marketing  a glorious career , We are more than just a business, family rooted in Asian values, we blend the best of East and West to deliver the highest value to help enrich the life of our staff, members, partners, customers and the greater society.

RHM Global are driven by the very essence of our existence, to continually work hand-in-hand to create more successful and compassionate entrepreneurs, helping them achieve great heights of extending their reach across borders.

We believe that every hurdle is a chance to create miracles. Come join us and let us work together to spread the wonder of a healthier and better lifestyle throughout the world.