RHM Global Product comprises Health drink, forage Health and personal care .

The following FAQ's or frequently asked questions frequently asked by consumers:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question 1 :

Does Bio Factor 9 is medicine and Halal ?


This product is not a drug it WAS are classified as food supplements by MINISTRY OF HEALTH MALAYSIA GOVERNMENT and has CERTIFICATE HALAL .

Question 2 :

Does Bio Factor 9 is suitable for people with Diabetes Blood Sugar surrounding medium between 8-14 ?


These products not only for the sufferers of chronic diabetes it means high sugar content exceeding 16 and above ( See Video or info on Front Page to the right to avoid . )

Question 3 :

Does Bio Factor 9 can be taken that there is no problem of diabetes ?


It encouraged taken despite not having diabetes or health problems , for health care for the long term or is easily understood as an anti-aging of internal organs indirectly skin will look more elastic .

Question 4 :

Does Bio Factor 9 only control the disease Diabetes or can cure the disease altogether ?


According to Scientific research products containing HGH resources ( Human Growth Hormone) can improve the Aging Human PROVEN be faster . Aging means not only to changes in the skin can be seen, but also to the human internal organs, including the pancreas that produce the hormone called insulin acts that may be little or no direct issued by various lifestyle factors especially with the way our food intake today and due to the reduction in the production of the hormone insulin will result in permanent human diabetes .

Back to the question above with scientific research for products containing HGH SOURCE like Bio Factor 9 not only can improve diabetes control BUT the pancreas to secrete the hormone insulin caused by the activation of a new hormone result from the action of liquid under the tongue state park and occur scum through the nasal cavity and ear PUTAITIRI gland in the center of the human brain to produce hormones activate the new to the whole Body through blood.

And, as in general know the disease Diabetes is a lifelong disease BUT with the Bio Factor 9 is giving space to people with diabetes can control and improve Blood Sugar extent the MINIMUM that cannot be done by conventional medicine (Testimonies by our users can be achieved until reading 6.0) and when it has reached the minimum level of health you improve your nutritional intake make sure HOW controlled and should be encouraged in this practice Bio Factor 9 .

Question 5 :

Does Bio Factor 9 is compatible with other diseases ?


As was explained all diseases caused by human aging with HGH resource consumption ( Human Growth Hormone) by Scientific studies on trust can improve human internal organs and enhance human metabolism , by the Bio Factor 9 other products such as HGH can also improve organ in such as Heart (Hypertension ) , lung , kidney , weakness etc.

Question 6 :

What is the starting price for Bio Factor 9?


Your First price will be - RM289.00 ( for West ) , 2nd bottle - RM239.00 ( for West ) , 3rd bottle and subsequent - RM219.00 ( for West ) and all charges included costs for the delivery charges for online shopping . For the price in Sabah / Sarawak / Labuan increase RM6.00 per bottle first , 2nd and 3rd . More details here Marketing Plan and Price

Question 7 :

How to use and how long does each bottle of Bio -day use as well as effectiveness Factor 9 ?


Bio Factor 9 contains 30ml and a liquid . How to use compulsory spray under the tongue 4 times a day ( 2 times at night before bedtime and 2 times again as soon as you wake up in the morning ) . Where did this in a bottle can last up to 30 days to 35 days depending on when the spray .

For information on our Testimonials , the effectiveness of changes in your health that can be tasted by FITNESS your initial after 3 days of uses and check your sugar levels after 2 weeks of use of existing diabetes.

The need for that has been exposed to or SKIN WOUNDS that has changed color , the proposed spray on the wound as much as 3 times a day and usually Bio Factor 9 can hold only less than 10 days per bottle (depending also on the spray and wound area ) .

You can buy Bio Factor 9 is according to your needs and your budget  but we suggest you to buy for 3 bottle or 5 bottles on to perform specific treatments and significant cuts will not happen severed STOCK .

Many bottles will need as well as the occurrence frequency of spray under the tongue ( Optional ) including wound spray in place which should be done 3 times a day to speed up the drying process as well as wound healing.

For information on our Testimonial, In Sha Allah ... for the cuts affect change began in the early se see 3 days but with the conditions of the use of the spray three times a day .

Question 8 :

Why I use this product after the reaction ?


This happens because you have Crisis Recovery Practice Herbal (Healing Crisis ) .

To enjoy the maximum recovery rate , there are those among herbal practitioners had to go through a process of ' healing crisis '. Recovery crisis is a process which sometimes had to be internal penetration by herbal practitioners to respond depending on the nature of the problem of health wait 'experienced by them.

This crisis is sometimes experienced at the initial stage and mid - term and after a long period of time while this practice herbs .This situation can be faced with direct patient contact Founder and Products to share any information about the reaction .

Among the "Healing Crisis " is likely to be experienced are:

- Fever .

- Body Weak

- Diarrhoea

- Grow acne

- Body aches

- Sleepiness ( Herbs Practitioners shaped Beverages )

- Difficult Sleep ( shaped Herbal Drinks )

in conclusion , the fact the practice of herbs can help your health and happiness hidup.Bagi ensure its effectiveness , it must be practiced in everyday life as a dietary supplement.

Question 9 :

Bio Factor 9 is made from which country?


Bio Factor 9 is fully made in Malaysia .

Question 10 :

Apart from Malaysia Bio factor 9 on the market which country?


In Malaysia, the Bio- Factor 9 has been on the market starting in Feb 2010, overseas markets continue to renew up to get APPROVAL OF THE MINISTRY OF HEALTH AND IMPORT in Brunei Darussalam since Mac.2010 until now . And, in August 2012 the product has been marketed to the Philippines.